The Life Café Project would not be possible without our incredible team, both staff and volunteers. Find out more about us below!


​​Volunteers make up the majority of our Project Team and are the reason we can do anything in our community. They are the beating heart of all of our services and we are so grateful for each one of them!


Here are some of the friendly faces you might see when you work with us

Beth and Phil


If you want to find out more about our Project, you can always speak to one of our core staff team who facilitate the day-to-day running of the Project as well as dreaming big about our future. We would love to chat with you!

Boden Dollie

Hi I'm Boden, Pastor of Celebration Church Maidstone and Project Director of the Life Café, responsible for pastoral care and leading the team from vision to execution.⠀


I tend to wear many hats but mostly I focus on nurturing the key relationships and partnerships and keeping the project vision, sustainability and impact on track.⠀

Why are you involved in the project?

My heart is to see people thrive in community, especially the next generation. I would love to see more relationship building, where we can make a greater difference together, playing our roles as part of the bigger solution, and building each other up as we go. Churches and other organisations working hand in hand is such a great model of sustainability and I believe that is what the early church looked like. Everyone has a ‘next step’ - we want to help them figure that out and walk with them on the way.

Scott Olliver

Hi, I'm Scott and I am the Manager here at the Life Café Project!

I look after the day-to-day running of the Project including training our volunteers and keeping our operations running smoothly.⠀

Why are you involved in the project?

I am excited about the future, when we will be able to offer a friendly place for anyone to come and spend time and really get to know people in this area. There are families that I have met through this Project who have already made a huge impact on me, and I am looking forward to our Project being a real beating heart of the community.

Lydia Olliver

Hello, I'm Lydia and I am the Community Projects Manager for the Life Café Project.⠀

I do lots of the behind the scenes boring jobs that keep our project running, as well as some of the lovely stuff like planning our community outreach activities and getting to know other support services that we can partner with to help people in our community together.⠀

Why are you involved in the project?

I have volunteered in this community for a number of years and have been so blessed by the people I have met, especially the amazing children and young people. My heart for this Project is for us to meet a practical need (hungry tummies) as well as a personal need (building relationships and showing love to our community) in a lovely joined-up way.

Lee Gardham

I'm Lee, I am the Catering Manager here at the Life Café.⠀

I oversee our community meal provisions and train our kitchen volunteers in cooking skills to help produce our fantastic food support!⠀

Why are you involved in the project?

After being furloughed back in the Spring, I heard about the Life Café Project and wanted to get involved. As I started to volunteer, I realised the great need that is present in this area and I wanted to help more. It is refreshing to be around people with a positive and caring attitude and to be making a difference together. I also love finding ways to reduce food waste, so every day in our kitchen brings a new opportunity to try something creative!