About us

Over 20 years ago, a group of people who were part of Celebration Church Ministries originally based in Zimbabwe began meeting together in London, firstly in a home and then in a local school hall. This small group evolved to become what is now Celebration Church Maidstone.


We are a bible based, Christ-focused church and the Word of God is the foundation of our beliefs and a key influence in how we live our lives. Each one of us, on a journey seeking to know and grow closer in relationship with God and each other. We are not perfect! But we live and endeavour to serve the community and each other as we show the love of God.


Although we are a small group, we are part of a wider group of churches known as ‘Celebration Ministries International’, a wider family of Churches located across the globe.


We currently meet at the Fusion Maidstone Healthy Living Centre which is a community hub used by many members of the Maidstone community hosting kids clubs, seniors group and mums and toddlers group all through the week. 


If you live near or far, if you are curious about church,  Christianity or are just looking for company on a Sunday! Or maybe just need a local church to refresh and have bible based discussion and teaching with a relatable down to earth group of people please stop by! We are a judgment-freee, safe for shy people space and would love to meet and get to know you. 

our Team:
Gregory MacQueen
Christmas Star
Isaac Nyani
Boden Dollie
Jacqui Dollie

Praise and Worship Leader


Laptop & Coffee
Jennifer MacQueen

Head of administration


Kudzi Moyo